Adult Day Program

Adult Day Program (ADP) provides culturally tailored recreational and healthcare services for Korean seniors in the GTA. Registered community healthcare professionals and Korean-speaking staff provide group and individual activities that focus on physical, cognitive, and emotional health.


About Arirang Adult Day Program (ADP)

The Arirang ADP program provides Korean culture specific structured and supervised activities in a group setting for adults who need care or support. The ADP provides an opportunity for seniors to interact with their peers in planned recreational and physical activities, as well as Korean meals designed to improve their quality of life.

The Adult Day Program (ADP) ran since October 2016 to March 2020 wholly funded by donations we received from the community. However, in March 2021, our ADP partner, CHATS secured funding from the government for Wellness Program for the Korean community. Since then, we continue to partner with CHATS and Milal Church in the delivery of the ADP service under the name of Arirang Wellness Program at Milal Church with the government funding.


Our community-based culturally centred Adult Day Program meets the needs of frail, socially isolated, mild cognitive impairment (without responsive behaviours, exit seeking & wandering) or those seniors with age-related illnesses, and who could benefit from some personal support and supervision.

A hot lunch and snack are served with each visit. Personal Care is offered (1-person assistance) with washroom and other care needs provided.


Our specially trained team provide a full range of planned meaningful programming each day. We offer a stimulating calendar of events such as social, wellness and recreation programming as well as daily exercise classes. Also included are Korean culture-specific activities as well.

Our Team:

A multi-disciplinary team of staff consisting of: Day Program Supervisor, Recreation Programmers, Personal Support Workers, and trained volunteers who support our program daily. 

  • Referral by a primary care physician or social worker.
  • Clients must be 55 years of age or older with an age-related illness
  • Clients will be asked for consent to participate in an initial RAI-CHA evidence-based assessment to determine individualized care needs. A reassessment is completed annually thereafter.
  • Clients must live in the community and benefit from supervision during the day
  • Clients may require minimal assistance with activities of daily living (e.g. meal, toileting and transfers – maximum one person transfer)
  • Clients may have a caregiver who requires respite
  • Clients who may suffer from social isolation and would benefit from a friendly, interactive, and stimulating program with their peers.

Tuesday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Families are encouraged to drop off and pickup clients or make use of TTC Wheel-Trans or I-Ride services.


Please contact our Adult Day Program Supervisor with any questions at 416-346-9589 (ext) 102 or 416-424-2092

How to Apply:

  1. Download and bring the referral form to the primary care physician or social worker/care coordinator to complete.
  2. The completed form will be submitted by the referring physician/social worker/care coordinator via fax (fax number is provided on the referral form)
  3. Once a completed referral is received by the ADP, the intake process will begin and an ADP coordinator will contact you directly.
  4. An intake assessment will be conducted and the senior will be added to the waiting list for the ADP.

Monthly Event Calendar

Quarterly Menu

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Ernst HandelRoland MendelAustria
Island TradingHelen BennettUK
Laughing Bacchus WinecellarsYoshi TannamuriCanada
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