Korean LTC Home is Returned

We are delighted to announce that on June 1, 2023, we have completed the purchase of the Rose of Sharon Korean Long Term Care Home, a 60- bed Class A LTC facility. Following a decade of tireless effort and collaboration, the Home is now securely in the hands of the Korean-Canadian community, as envisioned by AAFCC. The Home is the first-ever long-term care facility in Canada with a mandate to provide culturally-specific care to seniors of Korean descent.

Home is Changing Name

To mark the start of a new chapter, the Rose of Sharon LTC is changing its name. Beginning June 1, 2023, the Home will be known as Arirang Korean Long Term Care.

Canada’s first Korean Speaking LTC

Arirang Korean Long-Term Care is Canada’s first and only Long-term Care (LTC) facility exclusively dedicated to providing residents with access to Korean cultural activities, traditional food and Korean-speaking staff who understand the needs of each individual. It has an outstanding record of delivering care, including zero COVID-19 fatalities at the Home throughout the outbreak. The Home has been the beneficiary of exceptionally skilled and dedicated management and staff, led by its Administrator, Ms. Helen Jung, who will continue in this role. The newly appointed and Ministry-approved manager responsible for day to day operations is Universal Care Canada,

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