1st Anniversary & Unveiling of Donors Wall

On June 1, 2023, Arirang Korean LTC Home celebrated its first anniversary since renaming and reopening under its new name. To mark this occasion, a ceremony was held to unveil the Donors Wall and to recognize the contributors who participated in the acquisition of the LTC home.

The event was attended by Consul General Kim, Deuk-Hwan, major donors, founder Yoon Jung-lim, board members of AAFCC, and representatives from Korea Times, All TV, and Real Estate Canada, who all came together to celebrate and share the news.

At the Donors Wall unveiling ceremony, located at the entrance of the LTC home, Consul General Kim Deuk-Hwan, Chair of AAFCC Kim, Doh Hun, former Chair Kim, Myung Sook, and Administrator Helen Jung participated. Additionally, individual plaques for donors Donald Choi, Andrew Chung, and Joong-Hwa Shin were unveiled in the auditorium and on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors.

During the commemorative event, Chair Kim, Doh Hun delivered a message of gratitude, followed by congratulatory speeches from Consul General Kim, Deuk-Hwan, donors Helen Song and Tong Han, and founder Yoon Jung-lim. Director Kang Dae-ha reported on the progress of the second LTC home project.

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